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ConFiction was the 1990 Worldcon held August 23-27 at the Netherlands Congress Centre, The Hague, Netherlands. GoHs: Harry Harrison, Wolfgang Jeschke and Joe Haldeman. FGoH: Andrew Porter. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro was Toastmaster. Chairman: Kees van Toorn.


Bidders: Holland in 1990, LA in '90. See 1990 Site Selection results.

1990 Hugo Results, 1993 Site Selection results.
Confiction Convention Report

ConFiction was the first Worldcon after the fall of the Berlin wall and attracted many members from the former iron-curtain countries.

The site selection for the 1993 Worldcon was won by San Francisco in '93 which went on to run ConFrancisco. Other bidders were Hawaii in '93, Zagreb in '93 and Phoenix in '93. See 1993 Site Selection Results for details.

Kees van Toorn plans a reunion convention, Reunicon 2020, and has created a memorial website, unusual for a 1990 con.

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