The 1986 Worldcon held August 28 to September 1 at the Marriott Marquis and Atlanta Hilton. Goh: Ray Bradbury, FGoH: Terry Carr. Bob Shaw was Toastmaster. Chaired by: Penny Frierson and Ron Zukowski.

1986 Hugo results, 1988 Site Selection results, 1989 Site Selection results.

Site Selection was unusual in that there were two simultaneous races, for the 1988 Worldcon and for the 1989 Worldcon, due to a switch from 2-year lead time to a 3-year lead time. The race for 1988 had as bidders St. Louis in '88, Yugoslavia in '88, and New Orleans in '88 which won the right to hold Nolacon II. The race for 1989 had as bidders New York in 1989 and Boston in '89, which won the right to hold Noreascon 3.

The winning bid committee was Atlanta in '86 and the competition was New York in '86 and Philadelphia in '86. See 1986 Site Selection results.

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