Con*Cept 2010

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Con*Cept 2010 was held October 1-3, 2010 at the Hotel Espresso in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Author GoH was Tad Williams, Artist GoH was Lar de Souza, Editor GoH was Deborah Beale, Media GoH was Nicki Clyne, Filk GoH was Denise Gendron, and Special SFX Make-up Artist Guest was Véronique Dumas. MC was Alain Ducharme.

Other participants included Eric Bilodeau, Marie Bilodeau, Rupert Bottenberg, Erik Buchanan, Karen Dales, Glenn Grant, David Hartwell, Nancy Kilpatrick, KAG/Kanada - Claude Lalumière, Derwin Mak, RASC Montreal Centre, Stop Motion Montréal, Mark Shainblum, Rob St-Martin, Hayden Trenholm, Vitesse Lumière, and Jo Walton.

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