A convention in Montreal.

It was first held in 1989 when it was sponsored by a local club, MonSFFA, and MonSFFA ran it through 1992 when it became an independent convention (though with many MonSFFA members working on it.) In 2000 it was cancelled, and MonSFFA revived the event and ran it from 2001 through 2003 after which it was turned over to a new, independent parent, ConCept SF&F Inc..

It was cancelled in 2012, and ConCept SF&F Inc. plans to shut down.

For more information see the archived Con*Cept website.

Convention Dates GoHs Chair
Con*Cept '90 Fall 1990 Barry B. Longyear, Chester Brown, Bernie E. Mireault, Larry Stewart John Matthias
Con*Cept '91 Fall 1991 Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Jean-Pierre Normand, Larry Stewart BĂ©atrice Gasc
Con*Cept '92 October 17-18, 1992 Roger Zelazny, Gregory Benford, Steven Brust -
Con*Cept '93 Fall 1993 Robert Sheckley, Brian Daley, James Luceno -
Con*Cept '95 March 31 - April 2 1995 Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, Vincent DiFate, Len Strazewski John F. Zmrotchek

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