Comet Stories of Time and Space

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Comet Stories was a bi-monthly SF magazine published by H-K Publications, from December, 1940, until July, 1941, for a total run of five issues.

The editor was F. Orlin Tremaine, who previously had been editor of Astounding (1933-1937).

The magazine has the distinction of publishing Sam Moskowitz's first story ("The Way Back") and Robert W. Lowndes' second ("A Green Cloud Came"). Other contributors included such well-known authors as Ross Rocklynne, Eando Binder, Jack Williamson, E. E. "Doc" Smith, Leigh Brackett, P. Schuyler Miller, and Clifford D. Simak.

Frank R. Paul and Leo Morey painted the covers, and interior artists included Jack Binder and John Giunta.

H-K Publications lacked the resources of the larger publishers, and Comet Stories was unable to compete with the other SF magazines of its time.

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