(Did you mean the apazine?)

(1) An Especially Noble Kind of Fan

A practitioner of the highest and noblest form of fanac, especially when associated with compiling and publishing a detailed Index or bibliography. See Collecting. Collectors are trufen and almost by definition mensches. "I might need that someday…"

(2) A Sufferer from a Dread Disease

Someone who has been bitten by the Kolektinbug and develops an obsessive-compulsive disorder that that drives him or her to accumulate large amounts of sf books, fanzines, prozines, sf artwork and/or other materials related to science fiction. Collectors are not necessarily fans, but fans are highly prone to the disease.

Some collectors, especially completistss, collect according to a plan — all the issues of a particular magazine, for example, or all the first editions by their favorite author — but others just accumulate more and more of their obsessional objects until they have no room to move around in their houses.

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