The 1955 Worldcon held September 2-5 at the Manger Hotel in Cleveland. GoH: Isaac Asimov, FGoH: Sam Moskowitz (mystery GoH). Anthony Boucher was Toastmaster.

Co-chairmen: Nick Falasca and Noreen Falasca.
Treasurer: Ben P. Jason
General Services: Stephen F. Schultheis
Secretary: Honey Wood
Banquet Chairman: Frank S. Andrasovsky
And "any and all members of the Terrans"

The Special Mystery Guest was chosen by a poll of convention members — right on the Hugo ballot, there was an extra line to nominate a Mystery Guest. The winner of the Special Mystery Guest was not revealed (even to the honoree) until the first night of the convention. The Program book noted that "Mr. Boucher [the Toastmaster] will make the presentation of the Achievement Awards and identify the Mystery Guest."

1955 Hugo Results, 1956 Site Selection results

Bids: Cleveland in '55. See 1955 Site Selection results.

Sam Moskowitz' Clevention reminiscence from the Noreascon Three PB

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