Cleveland in '66

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Cleveland in '66 was a bid to hold the 1966 Worldcon, Tricon, in Cleveland, OH. It beat an out-of-rotation Syracuse in '66 bid. See 1966 Site Selection results.

The bid was announced in the February 1964 issue of Science Fiction Times:

The bid seems to have a fairly complicated history. In late 1964, there was a somewhat ill-defined Cleveland-Detroit joint bid committee proposing to run "Clevention II" (Ben Jason was the only person Bruce Pelz had heard for sure was on it). By mid-March, a group from Cincinnati had joined in (it is unclear if it had previously floated a possible separate Cincinnati bid) and announced that the group was bidding Cleveland with Ben Jason as chairman of the bid and with Howard DeVore and Don Ford as co-associate chairmen.

It is unclear how this relates to the Science Fiction Times announcement, above.

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