Chris Steinbrunner

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(1934 — 1993)

Peter Christian Steinbrunner was a longtime radio, TV, film, mystery, and SF fan who co-edited with Otto Penzler The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection (1976), which won the Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award. In addition, he authored several books on popular culture, including Cinema of the Fantastic (1972) [with Burt Goldblatt], The Detectionary (1974), and The Films of Sherlock Holmes (1978).

He also contributed articles to All in Color for a Dime and The Comic-Book Book, co-edited by Richard A. Lupoff and Don Thompson.

Steinbrunner wrote book reviews as Peter Christian, and had a short-lived column, “Chris Steinbrunner’s Cinema Fantastique,” in Science Fiction Chronicle.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

  • 1976 — Mystery Writers of America’s Edgar Award

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