Chicon III

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The 1962 Worldcon, and third in Chicago, Chicon III was held August 31 - September 3 at the Pick-Congress Hotel in Chicago, Ill. GoH: Theodore Sturgeon. Wilson Tucker was toastmaster. Chairman: Earl Kemp, Treasurer: George W. Price, with about 550 fans attending.

The bid committee was Chicago in 1962. See 1962 Site Selection results.

The membership fee was $3 (up $1 from Chicon II.) Hotel rates were low: $7 single, $13 double, suites $35 and parking $0.35/day.

1962 Hugo Results, 1963 Site Selection results.

Chicon III Program.

The N3F was considered a working partner of the convention committee, and the entire convention committee joined it. The N3F ran a coffee and cookie hospitality room. Jerry Pournelle, then a young fan working for Boeing took the IQ of fans. Ed Emshwiller brought some of his 16mm films, and Bjo Trimble's Project Art Show featured a Photo Salon.

The theme of the Costume Party was "The Hell-Fire Club Masquerade Ball" and a professional orchestra was hired for the event. Dave & Ruth Kyle, Steve & Virginia Schultheis, and Jock Root won prize as Flash Gordon adventure characters (Dave was Ming the Merciless).

The Tenth Anniversary Willis Fund brought Walt and Madeleine Willis to the convention.

Dave Kyle did a reminiscence of Chicon 3 for the Noreascon 3 PB.

Proceedings of the con were published by Advent:Publishers and provided free to all attending members of the con (who wanted to pay the .50 postage).

The first chapter of S. M. Stirling's excellent In the Halls of the Crimson Kings takes place at a pro party at Chicon III in an alternate world.

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