Chicon 2000

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The 2000 Worldcon and sixth Chicago Worldon held August 31 to September 4 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, the Fairmont Hotel, and the SwissĂ´tel in Chicago, Ill. GoHs: Ben Bova (author), Bob Eggleton (artist), and Jim Baen (editor). FGoHs: Bob & Anne Passovoy. Harry Turtledove was Toastmaster. It was sponsored by ISFIC and chaired by Tom Veal.

The convention had 6,574 members, of whom 5,794 actually attended the convention.

The convention's name puzzled some fans who wondered how they missed Chicons 6 through 1999. They were even more confused when Chicon 2000 was followed by Chicon 7.

Chicon programming included a series of on-line chats sponsored through Cybling, which allowed non-attendees to interact with the program participants.

During the bidding process, Chicago in 2000 issued forty trading cards depicting a variety of science fiction authors and artists, including Gordon R. Dickson, Terry Pratchett, and Larry Niven. Any one who collected twenty of the cards and voted in site selection received a free membership conversion to Chicon 2000. When Chicago in 2000 won, they issued a trading card #0 that announced their guests of honor.

At the con, 106 program items had audio recordings made and were available for sale. Chicon 2000 Programming Chair Steven H Silver has a complete collection and Chicon 2000 also donated a complete collection to SFOHA at Smofcon 18.

Bidders: Chicago in 2000, KC in 2000. (KC withdrew from the race before the vote.) See 2000 Site Selection results.

2000 Hugo results, 2003 Site Selection results.

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