Charles Stross

(1964 —)

An enormously prolific British pro writer and fan who specializes in hard science fiction and space opera. He has also worked as a computer journalist. As a fan, he published the fanzine Soliton.

Hugo nominations and wins:
2002 Best Novelette Hugo
2003 Best Novelette Hugo
2004 Best Novelette Hugo
2004 Best Novel Hugo
2005 Best Novella Hugo <winner> "The Concrete Jungle"
2005 Best Novel Hugo
2006 Best Novel Hugo
2007 Best Novel Hugo
2008 Best Novel Hugo
2009 Best Novel Hugo
2010 Best Novelette Hugo
2010 Best Novella Hugo <winner> for "Palimpsest"
2014 Best Novel Hugo
2014 Best Novella Hugo <winner> for "Equoid"

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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