Charles Stross

(1964 —)

An enormously prolific British pro writer and fan who specializes in hard science fiction and space opera. He has also worked as a computer journalist. As a fan, he published the fanzine Soliton.

Hugo nominations and wins:
2002 Best Novelette Hugo
2003 Best Novelette Hugo
2004 Best Novelette Hugo
2004 Best Novel Hugo <winner> for Singularity Sky
2005 Best Novella Hugo <winner> "The Concrete Jungle"
2005 Best Novel Hugo
2006 Best Novel Hugo <winner> for Accellerando
2007 Best Novel Hugo
2008 Best Novel Hugo
2009 Best Novel Hugo
2010 Best Novelette Hugo
2010 Best Novella Hugo <winner> for "Palimpsest"

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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