Campbell Award

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The Campbell Award (in full, the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer) was established in 1973 by Conde Nast, the publisher of Analog, upon the death of seminal editor John W. Campbell. It honors the best new writer whose first professional SF sale was within the previous two years.

The Campbell is the only non-Hugo Award which is permitted to be voted on on the Hugo ballot and it is presented annually with the Hugos at Worldcon.

This award has no connection to the juried John W. Campbell Memorial Award except that both are named for Campbell.

See Campbell Award rules for a detailed discussion of the rules. See also the Hugo Awards and List of Hugo Categories.

In 2019 it was renamed the Astounding Award (in full The Astounding Award for Best New Writer) after Campbell's politics were denounced at the Hugo Awards ceremony by that year's winner, Jeannette Ng.

1973 Jerry Pournelle
1974 (tie) Spider Robinson and Lisa Tuttle
1975 P. J. Plauger
1976 Tom Reamy
1977 C. J. Cherryh
1978 Orson Scott Card
1979 Stephen R. Donaldson
1980 Barry B. Longyear
1981 Somtow Sucharitkul
1982 Alexis Gilliland
1983 Paul O. Williams
1984 R. A. MacAvoy
1985 Lucius Shepard
1986 Melissa Scott
1987 Karen Joy Fowler
1988 Judith Moffett
1989 Michaela Roessner
1990 Kristine Kathryn Rusch
1991 Julia Ecklar
1992 Ted Chiang
1993 Laura Resnick
1994 Amy Thomson
1995 Jeff Noon
1996 David Feintuch
1997 Michael A. Burstein
1998 Mary Doria Russell
1999 Nalo Hopkinson
2000 Cory Doctorow
2001 Kristine Smith
2002 Jo Walton
2003 Wen Spencer
2004 Jay Lake
2005 Elizabeth Bear
2006 John Scalzi
2007 Naomi Novik
2008 Mary Robinette Kowal
2009 David Anthony Durham
2010 Seanan McGuire
2011 Lev Grossman
2012 E. Lily Yu
2013 Mur Lafferty
2014 Sofia Samatar
2015 Wesley Chu
2016 Andy Weir
2017 Ada Palmer
2018 Rebecca Roanhorse
2019 Jeannette Ng {$files} {$year} 1973 {$end}

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