Bruce Gillespie

(b 1947)

Australian fanwriter, fanzine editor, and small-press publisher. One of the administrators of The Tucker Bag fan fund. IN 2004, Irwin Hirsh published the The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie.

He was Fan Guest of Honour for Aussiecon 3.

Apas: ANZAPA (1968- ), APA-45 (in early '70s), FAPA (1984-94), Acnestis (1995-)

Fanzines include: The Marshian Chronicles, SF Commentary, Norstrilian News, The Metaphysical Review, Notes of a Naif Son, Invisible Whistling Bunyips, Journal of Omphalistic Epistemology, Wordy-Gurdy, Supersonic Snail, Collingwood Capers, Mellow, Kisses Sweeter than Cactus, Sweetness and Light, Dreams and False Alarms, Raw Bits, Good Night, Sweet Prince, *brg*, The Great Cosmic Donut of Life, Steam Engine Time, Treasure, The Year of Living Frantically, and Scratch Pad.

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