Britain in '84

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A Worldcon bid committee to bring the 1984 Worldcon to the UK. The bid was "masterminded" by Malcolm Edwards in the summer of 1981, but not announced until after Site Selection that the Australia in '83 and Worldcon Scandinavia in 1983 bids had lost (see 1983 Site Selection results), since two overseas bids in a row were likely to cost each other votes. (In fact, it was not only not announced at Denvention 2, but the rumors of the bid were described as a hoax and a "rotten idea" by some Brits.)

Sometime in the fall of 1984, the bid was announced. The initial committee was Chris Atkinson, Alan Dorey, Malcolm Edwards, Leroy Kettle, Dave Langford, Kevin Smith and Kevin Williams.

But then Australia bounced back from defeat with the Melbourne in '85 bid, and the British bid was reconsidered and dropped in November of 1981.

Some of the fans in this bid — Malcolm Edwards, particularly — themselves bounced back and led the successful Britain in '87 bid.

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