Brian Herbert

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(1947 —)

Brian Patrick Herbert is a SF author and the son of Frank Herbert.

Brian Herbert's SF novels include Sidney's Comet, Prisoners of Arionn, Man of Two Worlds (written with his father), and //Sudanna Sudanna/.

In 2003, Herbert wrote a biography of his father: Dreamer of Dune.

The younger Herbert has also edited The Songs of Muad'dib and the Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune. Brian has also created a concordance for the Dune universe based on his father's notes, though, according to the younger Herbert, there are no immediate plans to publish it.

Brian is known for his collaborations with SF author Kevin J. Anderson, with whom he has written multiple prequels to Dune. According to Herbert and Anderson, these novels are based on an outline and notes left behind by Frank Herbert.

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