Boston in 1998

(1) A Worldcon Bid

A bid (usually written Boston in '98) by MCFI and chaired by Deb Geisler to host the 1998 Worldcon at the Hynes Auditorium and Sheraton Boston Hotel and Towers (the sites of Noreascon Two and Noreascon 3.) When a mundane group booked the Sheraton (though not the Hynes), MCFI investigated switching to other hotels for sleeping rooms, but concluded that the resulting venue would not be acceptable and shut down the bid. (When Boston facilities proved to be unavailable in 2001, also, it later launched a bid for Orlando in 2001.)

(2) A Worldcon Bid

A bid (usually written Boston in 1998) by BCEC to hold the 1998 Worldcon in Boston. It was formed after the original Boston in 1998 bid folded after the loss of key facilities. This second Boston in 1998 bid bid the Hynes Auditorium and the Boston Park Plaza Hotel located a half-mile away. The bid was headed by Don Eastlake.

The competition was Atlanta in '98 and Baltimore in '98. Baltimore in '98 won in voting held at Intertsection, see 1998 Site Selection results.

An ad for the bid can be found here.

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