Boskone 40

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Boskone 40 was held February 14-16, 2003 at the Sheraton Boston. The GoH was David Brin, the Official Artist was Jim Burns, and the Special Guest was Charlie Brown. It was chaired by Sharon Sbarsky, the Featured Filker was Clam Chowder, and attendance was 1154 with 1320 total members.

This was the first Boskone back in Boston proper since Boskone 24 in 1987. It what was fortunately not an omen, there was yet another Boskone Blizzard — 27" of snow starting late Sunday and continuing all Monday. Around fifty out-of-town members were stranded at the hotel and held their own convention, Snokone.

The Boskone Book was Tomorrow Happens by David Brin. (IA) Website

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