Boréal 2012

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Boréal 2012 was held May 4-6, 2012 at the Morrin Cultural Centre in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

The GoH was Héloïse Côté, and Special Guests were Patrick Senécal (Québec), Jean-Philippe Jaworski (France), and John Crowley (USA).

Other guests were Natasha Beaulieu, Dominic Bellavance, Sylvie Bérard, Joël Champetier, Frédérick Durand, Mathieu Fortin, Éric Gauthier, Ariane Gélinas, Michèle Laframboise, Pierre-Luc Lafrance, Claude Lalumière, Yves Meynard, and Jean-Jacques Pelletier.

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