1. An Australian Prozine

Borderlands magazine, a prozine from Perth, Western Australia.

There were eleven issues. The first was dated April 2003.

2. A Convention in Perth

Borderlands conventions, a series of conventions in Perth, Western Australia from 2001 to 2003, run by Grant Watson, Simon Oxwell and Anna Hepworth.

Year Name Dates Location Guests
2001 Borderlands: The World Within 24-25 Nov Emerald Hotel Chris Lawson, Jeremy Byrne, Tess Williams
2002 Borderlands: That which scares us 7-8 Sept Emerald Hotel Eddie Campbell, Stephen Dedman
2003 Borderlands - Trilogy 23-24 Aug Emerald Hotel Simon Brown, Dave Luckett

For some more information, see the Borderlands posts at

3. A Series of Books

A publication for a Borderlands convention.

Year Title
2001 Borderlands: The World Within
2002 Borderlands: That Which Scares Us…
2003 Borderlands: Trilogy

4. A Bookstore in San Francisco

Borderlands Books is an SF bookstore in San Francisco. In February 2015 it announced it was closing, but patrons persuaded it to remain open and seek patron funding.