Bob Briney

(December 2, 1933-November 25, 2011)

Active in Chicago fandom in the 1950s and 60s, Briney was one of the founding partners of Advent:Publishers but by the late 60s, he had moved East. He edited the 1953 anthology Shanadu for SSR Publications and co-edited the 1972 reference work SF Bibliographies: An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographical Works on Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. Briney also published the fanzine Contact Is Not a Verb from 1980 through 2006 and provided the bibliography for the one-shot Jack Vance -- Science Fiction Stylist. Along with Del Close, he published the sf/f poetry fanzine Cataclysm. He published The Rohmer Review about the works of Sax Rohmer.

Briney held a Ph.D. in mathematics and claims he recovered from his orals by reading nearly all the novels of John Dickson Carr in less than a month. In mundane life, he was a professor at Salem State in Salem, MA.


Bob Briney, Earl Kemp and Joe Sarno at the Advent huckster table in 1960 during Pittcon. From