Bill Donaho

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(Febryary 13, 1909 — November 22, 2000)

A long-time US fan who was co-chairman of Baycon, publisher of the excellent fanzine Habakkuk, a founding member of the Lunarians. He found fandom in the early 50s in New York where he lived in the Nunnery with Art Saha and others and was one of the denizens of Riverside Dive. He was a member of the (Second) Futurian Society of New York. By the early 60s he was living in the Bay Area where he spent the rest of his life.

He was nominated for:

He was defeated for TAFF in 1965. He was a member of FAPA, OMPA, IPSO, and The Cult.

As a co-chairman of Baycon, he was a major figure in the explosions in fandom surrounding the Breendoggle — he wrote a fanzine The Boondoggle about it which led to John Boardman attempting to get him expelled from The Cult. Donaho's role in the Breendoggle made him a virtual pariah in some parts of fandom.

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