Bill Cavin

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William Cavin, a big, big-hearted and genial Cincinnati fan, has been the official Dictator of the CFG since 1981, following the death of Lou Tabakow, under whom he served a long apprenticeship, and hauled a great deal of ice. By default, therefore, he has also been chairman of Midwestcon since then, continuing to haul a great deal of ice.

Bill's generous nature has inspired him to such acts as leaving Midwestcon for a three-hour round trip to rescue stranded fen from the Wapakoneta Triangle.

Beyond his fannish pursuits, Bill has a passion for casino gambling; he can also be found at the poker table at many cons. His other pastimes include knife sharpening and darning his own socks.

In the 1970s, Bill was acclaimed in Midwestern fandom for his lasagna dinners, but we haven't heard that he's held one since (at least, he hasn't invited us). An avid congoer in those years, he sometimes even slept in his car in order to attend a con.

He is married to Kathleen 'Cokie' Bailey, a very nice lady.

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