Big Heart Award

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The Big Heart, basically a service award, is presented annually at the World Science Fiction Convention to a fan who, in the words of one recent recipient, embodies "good work and great spirit long contributed". It was established in 1959 in honor and memory of E. Everett Evans and was administered for forty years by Forrest J Ackerman. In 2000, 4E passed the baton to Dave Kyle and, in 2006, the award was renamed in Ackerman's honor. In 2018, after Kyle's death, the award was re-named the David A. Kyle Big Heart Award.

List of Big Heart Honorees:

1959 E. E. Smith
1960 Bob Bloch, Sam Moskowitz
1961 Rick Sneary
1962 Bob Tucker
1963 James Taurasi
1964 Bjo Trimble
1965 Walter Ernsting
1966 David H. Keller
1967 Janie Lamb
1968 Walt Daugherty
1969 Harry Warner, Jr.
1970 Herbert Häussler
1971 C. L. Barrett
1972 Stan Woolston
1973 David A. Kyle
1974 Robert Madle
1975 Donald Tuck
1976 Ron Graham
1977 Elaine Wojciechowski
1978 Bill Rotsler
1979 Georges Gallet
1980 Lou Tabakow
1981 Walt Liebscher
1982 Darrell Richardson
1983 Peggy Rae & Bob Pavlat
1984 Terri & Tom Pinckard
1985 Bill Crawford
1986 Rusty Hevelin
1987 Wiktor Bukato, Takumi Shibano, Tetsu Yano
1988 Andre Norton
1989 Art Widner
1990 Jay Kay Klein
1991 Julius Schwartz
1992 Samanda Jeude
1993 Marjii Ellers
1994 Jack Williamson
1995 Ken Slater
1996 Dik Daniels
1997 John L. Coker III
1998 Joanie Knappenberger
1999 Chris Collier, Peter Hassall
2000 Robert Silverberg
2001 Sue & Steve Francis
2002 Pat Sims
2003 John Hertz
2004 Filthy Pierre
2005 John-Henri Holmberg, Waldemar Kumming, Ina Shorrock
2006 Forrest J Ackerman
2007 Robin Johnson, Atsushi Morioka
2008 Suford Lewis
2009 Andrew I. Porter
2010 Merv Binns
2011 Gay Haldeman
2012 Juanita Coulson
2013 Tom Veal
2014 Vincent Docherty
2015 Ben Yalow
2016 Edie Stern and Joe Siclari
2017 Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf
2018 Mike Glyer
2019 Alice Lawson

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