Best Lines

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A fanzine published by Charles Burbee. It was actually a series of one-shots that Burbee did, partly to maintain his FAPA membership. Each zine had a different title which began with ''Best Lines".

The zine was put together at a publishing party where contributors showed up with some prepared materials and their typewriters.

Contributors included David Hulan, Socorro Burbee, Dean Grennell, Milt Stevens, Dave Locke, Ed Cox, Gus Willmorth, Leonore Cannon, Sharman DiVono, William Rotsler, Len Moffatt, June Moffatt, Ed Burbee, John Burbee, Moshe Feder (by way of a LoC), Mike Glyer, Don Fitch, Elmer Perdue, Jackie Causgrove, Grant Canfield, Jay Kinney, and Bill Rotsler.

# Date Title
1 May 1975 The Best Lines Are On the Floor
2 July 1975 The Best Lines Are Still (Yet Again) On the Floor
3 October 1975 The Best Lines Are Forever On the Floor
4 February 1976 The Best Loins Are On the Floor
5 April 1976 The Best lines Are O/n/ Off the Wall
6 August 1976 The Best Lines Are Winged
7 August 1978 The Best Lines Are Off the Xerox

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