Best Fan Writer Hugo

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The Best Fan Writer Hugo category was established in 1967 and has been one of the Hugo categories ever since.

The category recognizes fan writing as distinct from professional writing. The latter is fiction written for pay. Fan writing is generally non-fiction (though fiction is eligible) written for pleasure (or egoboo) and not for pay. It can be about SF or about fandom or, really, anything that fans enjoy reading.

Fan writing historically appeared primarily in fanzines, but it is definitely not limited to fanzines and today is probably more likely to be found on the web.

Year Winner
1939 Ray Bradbury
1941 Ray Bradbury
1946 Forrest J Ackerman
1951 Robert Silverberg
1954 Bob Tucker
1967 Alexei Panshin
1968 Ted White
1969 Harry Warner, Jr.
1970 Bob Tucker
1971 Richard E. Geis
1972 Harry Warner, Jr.
1973 Terry Carr
1974 Susan Wood
1975 Richard E. Geis
1976 Richard E. Geis
1977 (tie) Richard E. Geis and Susan Wood
1978 Richard E. Geis
1979 Bob Shaw
1980 Bob Shaw
1981 Susan Wood
1982 Richard E. Geis
1983 Richard E. Geis
1984 Mike Glyer
1985 Dave Langford
1986 Mike Glyer
1987 Dave Langford
1988 Mike Glyer
1989 Dave Langford
1990 Dave Langford
1991 Dave Langford
1992 Dave Langford
1993 Dave Langford
1994 Dave Langford
1995 Dave Langford
1996 Dave Langford
1997 Dave Langford
1998 Dave Langford
1999 Dave Langford
2000 Dave Langford
2001 Dave Langford
2002 Dave Langford
2003 Dave Langford
2004 Dave Langford
2005 Dave Langford
2006 Dave Langford
2007 Dave Langford
2008 John Scalzi
2009 Cheryl Morgan
2010 Frederik Pohl
2011 Claire Brialey
2012 Jim C. Hines
2013 Tansy Rayner Roberts
2014 Kameron Hurley
2015 Laura J. Mixon
2016 Mike Glyer
2017 Abigail Nussbaum
2018 Sarah Gailey
2019 Foz Meadows

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