Best Editor, Short Form Hugo

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In 2007 the Best Professional Editor Hugo category was split into the Best Editor, Long Form and Best Editor, Short Form, primarily in order to give editors of novels a chance at an award. (In spite of the Best Professional Editor category being for all lengths, it has focused on editors of shorter lengths, doubtless due to its roots in the Best Professional Magazine category.

To be eligible for Best Editor, Short Form, an editor must be

The editor of at least four (4) anthologies, collections or magazine issues (or their equivalent in other media) primarily devoted to science fiction and / or fantasy, at least one of which was published in the previous calendar year.

Note that there is no longer a requirement that the editing be professional. Semiprozine and fanzine editing is also covered, provided that it is of novel length.

Split out of the Best Professional Editor category in 2007
2007 Gordon Van Gelder
2008 Gordon Van Gelder
2009 Ellen Datlow
2010 Ellen Datlow
2011 Sheila Williams
2012 Sheila Williams
2013 Stanley Schmidt
2014 Ellen Datlow
2015 no award
2016 Ellen Datlow
2017 Ellen Datlow
2018 Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
2019 Gardner Dozois

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