Bertil Mårtensson

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(June 12, 1945 — November 4, 2018)

Bertil (Balte) Mårtensson was was an active Swedish fan and pro who found fandom in 1961. He died of smoke inhalation after a fire in his apartment.

Together with John-Henri Holmberg and Mats Dannewitz Linder he formed the fannish group WDVF (Witterhetssällskapet Din Vän Fandom) which did a series of satirical, witty fanzines under different titles in the 60s. They are now considered classics. It also edited and contributed to SF Forum, the leading fanzine from the Scandinavian SF Association. He chaired the Lund Fantasy Fan society (LF3)

Professionally, he published six sf novels, a hundred stories as well as many further publications in the crime novels field.

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