Battle Creek

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In the early 1940s Battle Creek, Michigan, was the home of considerable fannish activity, including the Slan Shack, a house where several fans lived together. The Shack was supposedly the first step in the creation of an entire city block where fans would live together.

Some of those involved in this project were E. E. Evans, Al Ashley and his wife Abby Lu Ashley, Frank Robinson, Jack Wiedenbeck, Dal Coger, and Walt Liebscher (the Galactic Roomers). The Ashleys owned the house.

According to fan historian Harry Warner, the Slan Shack became a mecca for fans who could make their way to Battle Creek despite wartime restrictions on travel.

A photo of some of the residents appears on page 34 of Warner's All Our Yesterdays (Advent, 1969).

Besides the Slan Shack itself, five Wartime Michiconferences were held in Battle Creek.

The fans in Battle Creek played a major role in Wartime fandom, including the Battle Creek Plan of FAPA politics, and considerable fanzine publishing.

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