Avedon Carol

(1951 —)

US fan who moved to the UK in 1985 and married Rob Hansen. She is primarily known as a fanwriter, and has been a member of WSFA, Friends In Space, and the Fanhattonites. Her fanzines include The Invisible Fan, Harlot, WSFAnac, Blatant, Rude Bitch, Dear Rude Bitch, Mad Hatton, Pulp. Her one-offs include Up from FAFIA, In Armenian It's 'Paklava', Kashmir, Tape from California, It's Not My Fault, The Amnesia Report, Life Sentence, Verge, and Chuch.

Her APAzines include AC/DC Juce, and Contrived One-Shot for AWA, Tiamat, Silver Dagger, Back to Minac, Pliers & Acid, and Lost Orbit. For Oasis, she pubbed Macho, and Justice; for Mixed Company, Professional Virgin, for ALPS, Echoplex, for TWP, Visitor's Day, and for Intercourse, Revolution Every Day.

She was on the committee for Constellation, the 1983 Worldcon, and played Darth Vader (wheeze, wheeze) in the fannish play Star Wars Roots at Disclave. She was one of the founders of the Potomac River Science Fiction Society.

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