Author Emeritus

Author Emeritus is an honorary title annually bestowed by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America upon a living writer.

It was created in 1994 "as a way to recognize and appreciate senior writers in the genres of science fiction and fantasy who have made significant contributions to our field but who are no longer active or whose excellent work may no longer be as widely known as it once was."

1995: Emil Petaja
1996: Wilson Tucker
1997: Judith Merril
1998: Nelson Bond
1999: William Tenn
2000: Daniel Keyes
2001: Robert Sheckley
2002: not awarded
2003: Katherine MacLean
2004: Charles L. Harness (as "Author of Distinction")
2005: not awarded
2006: William F. Nolan
2007: D. G. Compton
2008: Ardath Mayhar
2009: M. J. Engh ("Author Emerita")
2010: Neal Barrett Jr
2014: Frank M. Robinson ("Special Honoree")