Australia in '83

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A failed bid to hold the 1983 Worldcon at the New Chevron Hotel in Sydney, NSW, Australia, losing to Baltimore in '83. (This appears to be the first time a foreign bid was defeated.) See 1983 Site Selection results for full details.

An immediate rebid (Melbourne in '85) won the 1985 Worldcon, Aussiecon 2 for Melbourne.

Chairman: Jack Herman
Executive Committee: Carey Handfield (deputy chairman), Shayne McCormack (secretary), William Good (treasurer), Vera Lonergan (membership), Cary Lenehan (operations), Robin Johnson, Keith Curtiss, Ken Ozanne, Eric Lindsay, Peter Toluzzi, Andrew Taubman.
Plus 47 other bid committee members.

In March 1979, Carey Handfield was elected chairman of the bid, Ken Ozanne Director of Overseas Fan Relations, and Keith Curtiss for Australian Fan Relations.

In early 1980, after Handfield moved to Melbourne, Andrew Taubman was added as a "Sydney Co-Chairman".

The bid produced the Australian Science Fiction Fan Calendar for 1981 to promote the bid.

See also Australian Worldcons.

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