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The 1975 Worldcon, and first in Australia, Ausseicon was held August 14-17 in the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne, Vic., Australia. The GoH was Ursula K. Le Guin, the FGoHs were Susan Wood, Mike Glicksohn, Donald Tuck (Australian). Fan Guest of Honor Donald Tuck did not attend the convention. (Fans had to go to his home in Tasmania to meet him.)

John Bangsund was Toastmaster and it was chaired by Robin Johnson. Attendance was about six hundred and a majority of the attendees were Australians who had never been to a Worldcon before — there seem to have been around a hundred non-Australians present. (This was the first Worldcon held within 8,000 miles of Melbourne.) It was successful enough that by the end of the convention, Eric Lindsay had started a bid for Sydney Cove in '88 and had sold memberships…

1975 Hugo results, 1977 Site Selection results.

The bid which won this convention was Australia in '75. See 1975 Site Selection results. Nasfic 1 was held two weeks later in Los Angeles.

Reports on Aussiecon (IA) Video of Hugo Awards banquet (IA) Video of Ursula LeGuin GoH speech

Jack Chalker was US agent, Richard Labonte was Canadian agent, Peter Roberts was UK agent.

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