Atlanta NASFiC in '95

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A bid to hold the 1995 NASFiC (necessitated by the selection of Intersection in Glasgow, Scotland as the 1995 Worldcon) as a part of Dragoncon. It was run by Ed Kramer.

Many people thought this was a new incarnation of the well-regarded Atlanta in '95 bid (and it did have some members in common) and due to the chaos of 1995 NASFiC Site Selection, it won. See 1995 NASFiC Site Selection results.{$name} (IA) Website NASFiC 1995

This is a bid page. Please extend it by adding information about who was bidding, officers, committee list, what they were bidding for, who their opponents were, and anything notable about the bid, etc.

Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to