Atlanta in '86

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Atlanta in '86 was the winning bid committee for the 1986 Worldcon which went on to run ConFederation. This was a complicate affair, with two rival Atlanta bids at one point.

As of early 1982, Atlanta in '86 (I) was co-chaired by Penny Frierson and Randy Satterfield and included Cliff Biggers, Charlotte Proctor, and Ward Batty and was endorsed by the largest local club, ASFiC. It was bidding the Atlanta Hilton, the Regency Hyatt, and the Marriott Marquis. It was sponsored by Worldcon Atlanta, Inc.

A second, schismatic bid, Atlanta in '86 (II) was formed by Michael Smith, Joe Celko and Gail Higgins with Celko taking the lead. They wanted to use the Regency Hyatt, Peachtree Plaza, the Merchandise Mart and the Apparel Mart.

There was the usual variety of reasons given for the split, including a simple disagreement on venue as well as the predictable personality and power issues. There was also controversy over the who controlled Worldcon Atlanta, Inc.

Atlanta (I) was unquestionably the powerhouse with considerable experience in all area of fandom, while Atlanta (II)'s committee had virtually no con-running experience. As would be expected, people switched allegiances and some avoided getting drawn in. See File 770 #31 p1, File 770 #33 p2, and File 770 #41 p17 for more details.

By mid-1982 Randy Satterfield had resigned from Atlanta (I) and Atlanta (II) seems to have faded away. Or something. It's all very confusing. See File 770 #35 p6 for more details.

The competition (other than Atlanta (II)!) was New York in '86 and Philadelphia in '86. See 1986 Site Selection results for details.

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