Astral Leauge

The Astral Leauge sic has been called, to some effect, a dubious cosmic cult, hyped in mystery and invented by Leeds Group fan D. West in the mid-1970s. All rituals, initiations and hymns are strictly optional, the central dogma being that neophytes must give 50p to D. West

The Leauge exerts a vast yet mythical influence over practically everything. Of the Astral Pole initiations, it is probably wisest not to speak at all –- but, then, when were fans ever wise? Comments have ranged from “They're probably doing it in trendy bondage clubs all over London without realizing where it came from.“ to “They're doing it all wrong –- they're not charging 50p!“

Performance of Astral Leauge hymns have been known to cause hardened filk-singers to reel away, shaken to their very bowels.

Contributors: Dr. Gafia