Arthur L. Schwartz

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Arthur L. Schwartz (whom everyone called "Suddsy") was an early fan. In early 1943, he convened Schenectacon in Schenectady, NY before moving on to Boston where in February he chaired Boskone III, with an attendance of 14. by the middle of the year, he and Larry Shaw lived in Little Jarnevon, a slan shack located at 310 W 18th St, Manhattan from mid-1943. That year also saw the publication of his fanzine Trivial Triangle Troubador.

In 1944, he was elected secretary-treasurer of FAPA (for which he published Ceres), and early the following year, he failed to send out the mailing, effectively disappearing. When he was eventually succeeded by Al Ashley in 1945, Schwartz failed to turn over his records, causing further delays in mailings.

He was also a member of The Stranger Club.

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