Arthur D. Hlavaty

(1942 —)

US Fan writer, editor, and publisher who lives in the New York area with Bernadette Bosky and Kevin Maroney.

Contributor: The St. James Guide to Science Fiction, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Literature, The Westerfilk Collection, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Fantasy Review, Megavore, Libertarian Review, Mythologies, Janus, Mimosa, Drood Review, and others. Locs almost everywhere.

Fanzines: The Diagonal Relationship, The Dillinger Relic, Derogatory Reference, Lines of Occurrence, The Airfoiled Yarmulka, Coyote Notes, California Crap.

APAzines: Another Remarkable Fanzine (for WOOF), Nice Distinctions (for FAPA), The Bloodshot Pyramid, The Wile E. Post, and Fan-Shaped Destiny and Golden Solicitation (both for Golden APA), Bowb (for Mixed Company), Confessions of a Consistent Liar (for SFPA), Coprolalia (APA-69), Disinformation (for FAPA), Exile (for SWAPA), Grassy Knoll for DAAPA), Gruad's Plan (for apa-nu), How Dry I Am (for Myriad), Mixed Premises, (for FreFanZine), Lies Spoken Here (for MISHAP), Lopophora williamsii (for AZAPA), Minie Ball (for MINNEAPA), Questionable (for APA-Q), and Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories (for LASFAPA).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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