(1) A Convention for Art Widner.

ArtCon (which was also Ditto 19) was held in 2007 in Mendocino County, CA to celebrate Art Widner's 90th birthday. It was organized by Alan Rosenthal.

Ditto 18««

(2) A Convention in Dallas

A convention held in Dallas, TX which also seems to have been called Galaxy Fair.

Galaxy Fair/Artcon V was held August 5-7, 1994 at the Sheraton Park Central Hotel, in Dallas TX. It had scads of GoHs: GoH: Harry Turtledove, EGoH: Toni Weisskopf, AGoH, Bob Eggleton, SGoH: Jody Lynn Nye, Publisher GoH: Jim Baen, Media GoH: Nigel Bennett, ArtCon GoHs: Real Musgrave & Muff Musgrave, Filk GoHs: Marty Burke, Leslie Fish, The Ravens. The toastmaster was Robert Asprin.

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