Art Rapp

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(1924 — March 24, 2005)

A prominent fan in the 40s and 50s, at one time belonging to N3F, FAPA, SAPS (twice OE), YF, Misfits, and MSFS. He published several one-shots and fanzines including Spacewarp which was the focal point fanzine of Fifth Fandom. Spacewarp later merged with Ray Nelson’s Universe. He also published Mindwarp, Nebula, and The Michifan. Rapp married Nancy Share, another prominent fan, in 1961, and they moved to Bloomsburg, PA where he lived until his death. They co-edited Chum. He was a member of First Fandom.

After a meeting of the Michigan Science Fantasy Society in November 1949, two members set off a bomb in the front yard of Rapp's home. Police were called and neighbors gathered, and according to Rapp in an open letter he wrote of the incident, the bomb was heard two miles away. Immediately after, Rapp quit MSFS but didn't end Spacewarp until the next year, when he left the U.S. for military duty in Korea. Rapp turned Spacewarp over to F. Towner Laney and Charles Burbee for two issues while he served in Korea. During 1950-1952, he was one of the co-editors of The National Fantasy Fan in 1951 - 1952 and was president of the N3F in 1962.

In 1983, Rapp resumed publishing Spacewarp as a member of SAPS. The hundredth issue of Spacewarp appeared in 1992, and the last issue (#204) in the late 90s. He also published The Gripes of Rapp for SAPS.

His photo appears on page 129 of Harry Warner's history of fandom in the 1950s, A Wealth of Fable (SCIFI Press, 1992).

For a short description of him in 1954 see Peter Vortzimer in Abstract #8 p62.

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