Appreciation Zine

An appreciation zine equates to a testimonial dinner in print. It is not merely a theme issue fanzine, nor is it posthumous (as was the rider with Locus after the death of John W. Campbell, Jr.). Appreciation zines gather material about a particular pro or fan, from various writers, artists, etc., sometimes secretly, with the intent of surprising the subject. Examples include Ole! Chavela (done for Isobel Burbee in 1960), Forry! (done for Ackerman's 50th birthday in 1966), A Fanzine for Bjohn and Share the Rapp (wedding celebration zines for the Trimbles and the Rapps, respectively, in 1960 and 1961), the zine done by New York fans for Hank Davis's birthday in the early 1970's, and several issues of George Laskowski's Lan's Lantern (#9, 1979, for instance, was "A Jack Williamson Special.")

Fancyclopedia 2 mentioned the Tucker Issue of Quandry (#24) and Rotsler's Hommage a Burbee, with contrast Harlan Ellison's 1953 "Galaxy Appreciation Issue" of Science Fantasy Bulletin. It featured a long and scalding harangue by Rich Elsberry, protesting various objectionable practices indulged in by Galaxy editor Horace Gold a year or two previously.

Joe Siclari