Apocalypse Ink Productions

Apocalypse Ink Productions is a small press publication house specializing in dark speculative fiction.

Publications Include:

  • Exile (The Flotsam Series 1) by Peter M. Ball
  • Frost (The Flotsam Series 2) by Peter M. Ball
  • Crusade (The Flotsam Series 3) by Peter M. Ball
  • Flotsam Trilogy (omnibus) by Peter M. Ball
  • The Shadow Chaser by Dylan Birtolo
  • The Bringer of War by Dylan Birtolo
  • The Torn Soul by Dylan Birtolo
  • The Sheynan Trilogy by Dylan Birtolo
  • Caller Unknown (Karen Wilson Chronicles 1) by Jennifer Brozek
  • Children of Anu (Karen Wilson Chronicles 2) by Jennifer Brozek
  • Keystones (Karen Wilson Chronicles 3) by Jennifer Brozek
  • Chimera Incarnate (Karen Wilson Chronicles 4) by Jennifer Brozek
  • The Thin (Cross Cutting 1) by Wendy Hammer
  • Famished: The Farm by Ivan Ewert
  • Famished: The Commons by Ivan Ewert
  • Mastication by Jennifer Brozek
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