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The first weekly (and local) fannish amateur press association. The largely overlapping membership of two 1960s New York City fan clubs, Fanoclasts and FIStFA, which met on alternating Fridays, allowed the two clubs to serve as the apa's distribution sites. Its Official Organ was Amateur Effer.

The genesis of APA-F was when Dave Van Arnam and various Fanoclasts got involved in an incident (see Subway Incident) after a meeting, which Dave was urged to write up. He began doing so in a fanzine he titled First Draft, which he began publishing and distributing every week at subsequent alternating FIStFA and Fanoclasts meetings. Dave worked as a professional typist and mimeographer in a Times Square mimeography shop, so on Fridays it made a kind of sense for him to stay long enough to write and run off an issue before going to Fanoclasts [in Brooklyn] or FIStFA [in Manhattan], rather than leave work for his apartment in the Bronx [twice as far in the opposite direction] before turning around and heading back to whichever club was meeting that week. When, within a matter of a few weeks, other members began publishing and bringing fanzines to the meetings for distribution in a similar vein, an OO was published on site and APA-F got started. The first official mailing was July 10, 1964.

It was killed off, by generally mutual agreement in late 1965, after 69 mailings.

Contributors and Apazines:


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Wikidot is dying. This site has moved to http://fancyclopedia.org