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(1) A Bid Film

A highly successful bid film by the Australia in '75 bid followed by a less-successful film for Sydney in '83. Although the two films are generally referred to as the AntiFan films, the title of the first AntiFan film was actually Aussie Fan. It was made in Melbourne in 1972 to publicize the Australian bid to host the 1975 Worldcon. Aussie Fan premiered in Sydney in August 1972 at Syncon 72. The 16mm print was then flown to the United States and shown at L.A.Con I, the 1972 Worldcon. Between L.A.Con and Torcon 2, the 1973 Worldcon in Toronto, Canada, that would decide the location of the 1975 Worldcon, Aussie Fan was shown at conventions across North America. The Australia in 1975 bid succeeded at Torcon 2 and Aussiecon, the first Australian Worldcon, was held in Melbourne in 1975.

The second AntiFan film was made in Sydney in 1980. Called The Anti-Fan Strikes Back, it was made to publicize the Australia in '83 bid to host the 1983 Worldcon in Sydney. The Anti-Fan Strikes Back also premiered in Sydney, at Syncon 80, before going on to conventions in North America. It was also shown at Cinecon in Melbourne in 1981. The Australia in '83 bid was unsuccessful but[Australia ultimately hosted a second Worldcon, Aussiecon Two, in Melbourne in 1985.

(2) The Star of the Film

Paul J. Stevens, who played Anti-fan in the AntiFan films.

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