1. A Fanzine by Pete Campbell

A mimeographed fanzine published by Pete Campbell in the early 50s. At least one issue was published in OMPA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1953 50
2 Summer 1953 52
4 Spring 1954 60
5 September 1954 8
6 October 1954 4
7 December 1954 16
8 January 1955 16
9 February 1955 16
10 March 1955 16
11 June 1955 16 in OMPA 4
12 July 1955 16
13 August 1955 16
14 January 1957 6 Final issue?

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2. A German SF club.

A German SF club. Its clubzine was Andromeda Nachrichten.

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