(1) A Perzine by Susan Wood

The Amor de Cosmos People's Memorial Quiet-Revolutionary Susanzine was a perzine of Susan Wood. Issue 18 included the note that there had been 20 issues: the two extra issues are 2.5 and her slightly earlier perzine A Letter/Letter A. From issue 1: "…(for the benefit of filing-freaks like Auntie Rosemary at library school and Paul Anderson, count "a letter" as a trial run for AMOR, okay?)" — seems to be what she wanted. (IA) Copies at EFanzines (IA) Copies at Fanac

A Letter/Letter A: dated Sept 13, 1973; 8 pages, even pages numbered.
The Amor de Cosmos People's Memorial Quiet-Revolutionary Susanzine: A Personalzine/Amor 1: dated October 29, 1973; 8 pages, all but the first numbered. Uncredited illustration on page [1].
Amor 2: January 9, 1974; 24 pages plus front cover by Tim Kirk (who also has an illo on p.22). p.[24] illustration by William Rotsler.
Amor 2.5: March 12, 1974; 8 pages, illustrations by Cathryn Miller, William Rotsler, and Tim Kirk. Includes reprint of Charles Burbee's "How to Stop Writing for Fanzines."
Amor 3: September 14, 1974; 8 pages, illustrations by Cathryn Miller, Alexis Gilliland, and Freff.
Amor 4: not dated, late 1974; illustrations by Sue Clark and Freff.
Amor 5: "First stencil, Feb. 9, 1975", postmarked Feb 16 1975; 10 pages, illustrations by Grant Canfield, Alexis Gilliland, and Freff.
Amor 6: May 11, 1975; 28 pages plus cover photo by Jim Saklad; illustrations by Randy Bathurst, Grant Canfield, Freff, Tim Kirk, Tim C. Marion, Bill Rotsler, and Jim Shull. Articles: Village Ramble by David Emerson, Citizen David Vs the Northwest Mounted by David Miller.
Amor 7: June 17, 1975; 6 pages, illustrations by Randy Bathurst, Cathryn Miller, and Terry Austin. DUFF promotional flyer included.
Amor 8: November 1975; 10 pages, illustrations by Bill Rotsler, Dan Steffan, Grant Canfield, George Barr, and James Shull.
Amor 9:undated, early 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by Bill Rotsler.
Amor 10: August 1976; 26 pages plus cover by Derek Carter, illustrations by Dan Steffan, Terry Austin, George Barr, Jim McLeod, Joe Pearson, Bill Rotsler, and James Shull; articles "Messieurs et mesdames, les Rolling Stones" par Doug Barbour, Many a Tear Has to Fall by Mike Carlson, "It Would Make a Lovely Umbrella" by Lynne Dollis, and Curling by Eli Cohen. Mentions that this is the 12th issue.
Amor 11: October 30, 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by Harry Bell and Alexis Gilliland
Amor 12: December 19, 1976; 10 pages, illustrations by Cathryn Miller, Terry Austin, and Joe Pearson. Apparently mailed with Queebshot, a 4 page one-shot with cover by Bill Rotsler written by Wood, Norm Clarke, Gina Clarke, Richard Labonte, Will Straw, and Bob Wood. The art credit for Queebshot is included with the art credits for this issue.
Amor 13: Feb. 11, 1977; 8 pages, illustrations by Bill Rotsler.
Amor 14: Aug. 11, 1977; 10 pages, illustrations by Sheryl Birkhead and Stu Shiffman, article Apa-Queue (parody of Camelot) by Eli Cohen.
Amor 15 -?
Amor 16 - (December 1977?)
Amor 17: July 8, 1979; 12 pages, illustrations by Jay Kinney, Bill Rotsler, Alexis Gilliland, Stu Shiffman, Bill Gibson, and George Barr.
Amor 18: December 14, 1979; 8 pages, illustrations by Bill Rotsler and Cathryn Miller.

(2) A Fanzine by Mal Ashworth

A 4-page, one-shot, fanzine published in March 1955 by Mal Ashworth in the UK.

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