Amelia Reynolds Long

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(1904 - 1978)

Amelia Reynolds Long was an American SF and mystery writer. She is remembered today mainly because one of her stories, "The Thought-Monster," was made into the 1958 MGM horror film Fiend Without a Face. She is known to some SF fans because she co-wrote the 1936 novel Behind the Evidence with SF personality William L. Crawford (under the combined pseudonym Peter Reynolds).

Long wrote under her full name but also used the bylines of Amelia R. Long, A. R. Long, Adrian Reynolds, Patrick Laing, Mordred Weir, and Kathleen Buddington Coxe (a pseudonym used by Long when she co-authored work with her friend Edna McHugh).

Long was involved in SF fandom around the time she was writing short stories for the pulps. Two of her letters to editors appeared in Astonishing Stories (October 1940 issue) and Startling Stories (March, 1939). She also wrote letters to "The Eyrie" of Weird Tales magazine; and one of them was published in the November 1931 issue.

A "neglected author" article on Long by Jon D. Swartz was published in the February, 2018 issue of The National Fantasy Fan (Volume 77, Number 2).

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