Alexander Phillips

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(1907 — 1991)

Alexander Moore Phillips was a science fiction author, fan, convention runner and fanzine editor. Phillips was employed as a topographical draftsman for a title insurance company. During the Second World War, he served in Egypt and what was then known as Palestine.

He was married to fan Allison Phillips, the daughter of Prime Press co-founder James Williams. His daughter, Margaret Trebing, is a third generation fan and became an officer of PSFS in her own right.

Alexander M. Phillips wrote one novel, The Mislaid Charm, which was the first book published by Prime Press. His short fiction appeared between 1929 and 1947, starting with "The Death of the Moon" and included "Martian Gesture" (1935), "Revolt" (1939), "Beast of the Island" (1939), The Space Flame (1940), "A Chapter from the Beginning (1940), "The Extra Bricklayer" (1940) and "An Enemy of Knowledge" (1947). His works appeared in Amazing Stories, Wonder Stories and Unknown.

Along with his wife Allison Phillips, Phillips edited and published the PSFS fanzine Variant. He served as President of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and was a member throughout the rest of his life.

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