Alan Thiesen

A fan and filker who has been active since around 1984. He is a songwriter and performer, and he is also active in con-running, having served on the concoms of Westercon, ConChord, and Consonance.

Alan organized filking for Westercon 40, and was on the concom of ConChord 11 and ConChord 13. Along with Lynn Gold and James Robinson, Alan is one of the founders of Fanfare Music, the charity that runs Consonance. He chaired Consonance 1998, and has continued to serve on the Consonance concom ever since. At Consonance 2018, Alan led a fundraising drive that raised over $20,000 so that Santa Cruz filker Summer Russell could have surgery to cure a painful condition from which she had suffered for two decades.

Alan was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2002. His FHOF citation describes his best-known song, "Wishful Thinking", about a little green bug-eyed monster who protects the world from nuclear war, as a "filk classic".

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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