Alan Dean Foster

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(1946 —)

Alan Dean Foster is a SF and fantasy author who grew up in Los Angeles (and was a member of LASFS). He has been very prolific, especially in his novelizations of film scripts. He received a bachelor's degree and a MFA from UCLA, and currently resides in Arizona.

Foster is best known for his SF novels set in the “Humanx Commonwealth", an interstellar union of species. Many of these novels feature Flinx, an empathic young man who has found himself involved in something which threatens the survival of the Galaxy. His short fiction was collected in With Friends Like These (1977) and in Impossible Places (2002).

He was the ghostwriter of the original novelization of Star Wars, which had been credited solely to George Lucas. Foster has the story credit for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He also wrote several books based on episodes of the animated Star Trek.

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